Do you require oxygen?

This last week I learned of something growing in me that shouldn’t be there.  As of today we know that there is a malignant sarcoma (of unknown origin though I have a history of leiomyosarcoma) on my L1 vertebral body (in and around the bone itself) that is exerting pressure on my spinal cord. Pain I’ve been having for a few months in my lower back and lower abdomen are directly connected to the nerves that branch out from the first of the lumbar spine. We are currently working with doctors at UCDavis Medical Center and are getting ready to work with specialists also at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX to figure out the “treatment plan”.

A few choice memories of the first week with the news:

  • David telling the nurses at my biopsy to call me “cupcake”
  • David & my dad plugging my nose and mouth while in recovery from biopsy to see “what would happen”
  • Mom knitting each night while we watched movies, later ripping out every row if there was too much suspense
  • Having the intake nurse ask me  if I require oxygen
  • Mom buying me a cute new hat
  • Receiving bags & bags of Peanut MnMs from my students
  • Swimming with Katie in the therapy pool
  • Playing the word “ionizer” as our first Scrabble move
  • Getting a care package with crafts, games & a marshmallow launcher
  • Falling asleep on the PET-CT scan bed
Kate & Anne cook for us Sunday afternoon!

Kate & Anne cook for us Sunday afternoon!

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