Dights! Tony is coming to town!

My big bro Tony is headed up to Woodland this evening for a long weekend with us. His first word was “dights”, baby -electrical-engineer talk for “lights”. My brother had lots of interesting things to tell me as we were growing up, many of which I believed for way too long. One choice memory I have is of him telling me that pulling off the holed-edges of dot matrix printer paper would give me cancer. Hmmph. Why did I have to love office supplies so much?


Racing in Tony's living room.

My cancer, as it turns out, probably is NOT linked to my love affair with paper, pens, pencils and binder clips but we don’t really have any other ideas about its origin. Cancer is not really that random. A lot of minor details  have to go wrong in a lot of critical ways to produce such a masterpiece and this one is hard to pin-point. The sarcoma group of cancers are extremely rare and within their small subset of persistent existence they are also quite varied. As such, treatment of such tumors seems to require a multidisciplinary treatment approach which may include  chemo, surgery, and adjunctive radiation therapy and chemo (post-op). Right now we are still in the process of working with my first set of doctors to understand what their course of action would entail. I am getting extremely anxious to get the second opinion process going so that we can get this show on the road!

Lots of love, Clare

Scientists Discover Gene That ‘Cancer-proofs’ Naked Mole Rat’s Cells
ScienceDaily (2009-10-27) — Despite a 30-year lifespan that gives ample time for cells to grow cancerous, a small rodent species called a naked mole rat has never been found with tumors of any kind — and now biologists think they know why. … > read full article

5 responses

  1. I wish I could say that by gluing those tractor feed strips back onto the paper, you’ll get better. All we would have to do is find all those pages, and all those tractor feed strips back on. I’ll bring up some glue.

  2. We are sending healing thoughts your way. Davis is not far from Woodland so if you need plant care and such when you are in Texas, let me know.

  3. Clare…Letting you know I’m thinking of you and wishing I could help you as if you were in 4th grade once again. Your Mom has kept me informed and up to speed on the situation. All of my healing thoughts are with you through this. Be strong and keep your sense of humor. BP

  4. Hi Clare,
    I just got back from Arizona last night. I’m so sorry to hear that your cancer came back. I know this goes without saying, but keep up the fight! My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
    Karen Michener

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