Status Update

Keeping up-to-date on the goings on of friends and family provides simple cheer to my day (okay, so it’s much more often than each day and more like each hour because of Facebook). Nevertheless it is the small things that let the bigger, tougher thoughts float through my mind with a sense of ease knowing that this too shall pass. Love your emails, texts, cards, visits, prayers.


Tony and David eating cereal & scheming in the office.

Friday I received an “Edible Arrangement” from a dear co-worker of my Dad’s. David, Tony and I devoured the fruit masterpiece this weekend with special entertainment provided by the boys as they went through an iterative process selecting a chocolate-warming vessel, a system for warming the chocolate sauce and dipping the fruit for maximum chocolate coverage, and saying things like, “I think women might like this. I think they might like anything dipped in chocolate.” Brilliant. They also discussed conical shapes and carbon fiber vertebral implants over the delightful fruit fest! Thanks, Patsy!

As for my own special shape that has taken residence in, on and around my vertebra, sucker is going to be put to rest! As early as this coming week I will likely start aggressive chemotherapy for a few rounds (1-2 months)  in order to hopefully shrink and manage the size of the tumor, followed by a really tricky and invasive surgery for complete removal of the tumor, the vertebra and anything else that needs to go. This will then likely be followed by more chemo and radiation.

This too shall pass will be rough.

Rough times, however, can be the best teachable & learnable moments! As a big fan of organizing things I am getting a secret high off of keeping track of this new challenge. I am aware that such high may be different once treatment starts, but I’ll take it for now! If you ideas and/or resources for any and all kinds of cancer support links, websites, books, paraphinalia, etc. PLEASE email me, leave a comment or the like. I am not scared of learning ANYTHING or getting help in whatever way we need so please don’t hesitate to let me know what you know!

A few starting links we’ve found so far: R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation, Lance Armstrong Foundation

All my love,






5 responses

  1. Our eldest son, Mike, is a cancer survivor, with many bouts of chemo under his belt. i recall that he never went in for his appointments or treatments unarmed. Once he brought along a huge rope, which he used to tie the doctor to a pole. Another time he brought in a huge rubber rattlesnake. He kept that under the covers and pulled it out at odd times, nearly giving the nurses a heart attack. The fact that he was a young child may have played a role in the way he handled his chemo, but one never knows. If you think that you are better off with a some sort of defense, just let me know – Mike’s got a real snake now!

    We’ll be thinking of you – can’t wait to have you back at RCHS.
    Nancy Abplanalp

  2. Clare,

    We have something here in the PNW that is much better to eat than chocolate. (well maybe I am stretching it a bit ’cause chocolate is very special) We hope you & David will join us for a meal of fresh caught dungenese crab on your next trip to the 10th street B&B in Anacortes. Both Connie and I have you, David & your family in our prayers and thoughts.

  3. I love this blog. If there is anything you are craving now, stuff it in your face. Don’t deny it. Doughnuts, I say, “YES”! Do it! I pray that treatment is smoooooth. I’ve also been nauseous for 3 months straight 24/7 so in the unlikely event that you experience some of that, you have someone right here that will listen, understand and coach you through it. & if you still have your hair, I’ll hold it back! (insert laughter here) BUT another friend of mine who went through treatment took all of her beautiful red hair (which fell out) and let it blow to the trees so the birds could build their nests. Back into nature.

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