Full Time Job

IVF Injections

Science!!! I get to prep and give myself a couple injections each morning.

The job of kicking ass against ass-less cancer cells is nothing short of full time. Here’s where we are at:

Due to the nature of the chemotherapy that I will need my lovely little ovaries will most likely be a casualty of war. David and I most certainly want to pass on our deluxe gene combo so when we were given the okay by my oncologist to take the extra weeks to do so we quickly pursued preservation options – and I mean quickly. I found a PHENOMENAL program called Fertile Hope (www.fertilehope.org) that, within 2 hours on Tuedsay morning, had me started in their system to receive financial support for the IVF process with a top-notch clinic in Roseville (30 min. from Woodland).  Within just another few  hours I had appointments set up for me and David to start our family, Wednesday at 8am. Hot!

Thursday I started the daily regimen of various injections that will stimulate the nurturing of extra eggs in my ovaries over the next 8-10 days (we ladies usually only produce one fresh egg each month) so that on November 16th-ish 10-12 eggs can be removed and fused with David’s wonder sperm, and then frozen up the next day. The process of IVF is quite fascinating and successful; we are likely to have 6-8 embryos frozen in liquid nitrogen so that when the time is right David and I will be able to have some babies!

For now, the IVF process is giving us a smidgen more time to continue research possible about the best treatment plan for my particular cancer. Thankfully my “womanly cycle” (as David calls it) started EXACTLY when I it needed it so that we don’t waste any more time before starting a treatment regimen. We are in the process of getting a second opinion with MD Anderson Cancer Center and I have also found another promising Sarcoma Oncology Group at UCLA to get in touch with on Monday. I cannot tell you enough how important it has been to be my own mover and shaker even in regards to seeking out the best possible cancer care – if you want something done you cannot be afraid to do whatever it takes!  (And then bake ’em muffins and scones to soften the edge of all the phone calls, faxes, inquiries and questions!)

Thank you again for the emails, texts, cards, calls, etc. David and I are keeping so positive with all the good vibes sent our way. If you’re interested, here are some links I’ve found this week:

Sarcoma Foundation of America

National LeioMyoSarcoma Foundation

Sarcoma Post-it Links

3 responses

  1. I MISS YOU SO MUCH!. IM so Glad to hear your able to keep your goal of starting a family. The world would be blessed to have little mr. & mrs. Wileys running around. Its great to hear your good attitude towards things. When i first saw your daily rutine equiptment lol i was stunned. It all looks so syfi. My thoughts and wishes are always with you. Your a strong person & i truley look up to you. Agian i miss you, the entire Biomed class does. Theres not one day that goes by that they dont mention you.. I’ll write back soon! Keep Smiling & thinking good thoughts! oH & of course.. Baking! im sure David is LOVING it haha. xoxox

  2. So good to see you yesterday! Now I understand what you meant about injecting yourself…I recognize all your equipment! Well, despite all the nasty cancer stuff, this IVF option is really great! You are going to make little embryos! It sounds like things are falling into place nicely, I believe they will continue to do so. Love ya!

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