Snacks for David


Our last visit to the IVF clinic before our big day! Susan, our AMAZING nurse, brought snacks for David today!

These days I am reminded a lot about all the good in the world. Yeah, so there is a little bit of a nasty bugger inside me but it’s truly been hard to let that overpower the hope, strength and kindness that exists everywhere else.

Today David and I had our last appointment at the Northern California Fertility Medical Center before we have our actual egg collection and embryo preservation done on Tuesday. The entire staff of endocrinologists, embryologists, nurses, financial coordinators and so on are phenomenal. They learned early on that David is an “eater” so each time we were there they had a variety of snacks to keep him happy! And apparently word got around through the nurses how excited I was to get to “do science” by mixing my own injections and giving them to myself. Wednesday morning (18-20 hours after my eggs are retrieved and joined with David’s swimmers) we will know exactly how many embryos were successfully made and frozen…how many potential hungry, hungry scientist babies we can possibly have!

As for the tumor on my spine, well, it’s still there but I was thinking that this over-the-knee boot might be useful in kicking it’s butt.


This season's fashionable, cancer-kicking, over-the-knee boot!

Sadly, the boots didn’t come home with us but we are pursuing other, practical means of fighting off the tumor too! David and I are heading to UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center on Friday for a second opinion appointment with a highly sought after Sarcoma Medical Oncologist.Β  We found this doctor through a connection between a Livestrong/UCLA Cancer Center and have also seen a lot of current research on sarcomas come out of UCLA. Getting a second opinion for my particular diagnosis is invaluable. Our hope is that the UCLA physician team will review the case and discuss it with the UCD physicians; if there is a consensus on the type of chemotherapy we will start that ASAP (infusions instead of turkey dinner?) up here near home. As the chemo cycles are going we will continue to pursue experts in the surgery part of the treatment.

David and I thank you again for your emails, cards, calls, etc. We are in pretty darn good spirits and have all of you to thank.

All my love,


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  1. Girl, those boots are hot and have your name written all over them!!! Where did you find them?you have to get ’em! Together you WILL kick some serious cancer-ass πŸ˜‰ Lots of love and prayers to you and David this upcoming week! Keep us posted!

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