Lemon Bars

It would be a lie to say that I made them from scratch, but I certainly made them with love.

I would bake love and thanks into a batch of cookies or goodies for everyone that has been keeping tabs on us recently (perhaps I’ll post an order form on here soon) but for now  I have a note that I wrote thanking the woman who selflessly helped me and David pursue & achieve our pre-chemotherapy fertility options. I certainly don’t mean to diminish our appreciation of her by sharing the letter with the “world” but rather I mean to express to all of you who are reading my blog, sending us positive thoughts & cards & lolly-pops, going on afternoon walks, having morning coffee chats, and making sure that my students are taken care of: THANK YOU for helping us through even just the beginning of this treatment process. This is for all of you.

“Dear Emily,

It is with the most humble gratitude that I write and send you a small token of our appreciation for your help. Your kindness and absolute selfless attention to my case provides a sense of hope to me about so much good that exists in our world.

My husband and I have seven embryos now frozen and in safe-keeping at Northern CA Fertility Medical Center in Roseville, CA. This clinic is phenomenal. As I enter the realm of treatment for my recent diagnosis I am encouraged and hopeful for a future in which we can share with our children how many people there are who truly have a heart and soul of gold.

Thank you and thank fertileHOPE. I hope someday to personally thank you and all those involved in support of LiveSTRONg and FertileHOPE.

With love,
Clare & David Wiley”

4 responses

  1. That is such a wonderful letter Clare! And, yay, seven future Wileys ready to go. AWESOME!!! Dan LOVES lemon bars so save him one in the future if you make them again. 😉 Love you guys!

  2. A lovely letter and beautiful sentiment from an equally lovely and beautiful person. You may be thankful to all those around you, but I have to say, I am thankful for YOU! You are amazing! Love you and Dave lots!

  3. Lovely Clare, what a talented lady you are! From the Giraffe doll that you whipped up when you were who knows how old, to this blog. It is a pleasure to peek into your brain and get to see the results of your creativity. Of course you are amazing, you are the result of your mom and dad, who btw rock. (They brought me doughnuts last night, just in the nick of time). Have a good Thanksgiving. oxoxo Mel

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