Surgery First

I don’t have the details yet, but the first stop on the treatment train is UCLA for “get-this-tumor-out” and “build-me-a-new-vertebra-out-of-titanium” SURGERY!

UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center sees 8-10 sarcomas of similar nature to mine each year! That’s A LOT in the sarcoma world; their sarcoma oncology and orthpaedic surgery team is pretty pumped about treating me. We are too! I will be talking with the main surgeon this afternoon to get more details, but our hope is to get scheduled for later this week or early next week…

Scared? YES! Feeling really hopeful? YES!

More details as soon as we get ’em!

lots of love,


13 responses

  1. Clare,
    Keep up the good fight lady! I know you can beat this &$*&! cancer.
    Some of your new and old students ask me about you all the time. I hope it’s ok with you that I keep them updated.

    Karen Michener

  2. Clare,

    If you have time to hang out around UCLA, you should go to the Mildred Mathias Botanical Garden. I worked there as an undergrad. It’s a little spot of serenity in the middle of a bustling city…and I think it’s right across from the med center.

    Thinking of you all the way here in Australia. That means there are positive vibes being sent to you across the Pacific, which means half of the world is covered by good energy for you. Not bad!

    (Woodside, what?!)

  3. No witty words of comfort here. Just please know that your NW family is rooting for you and David. We look forward to a positive outcome from the surgery.

  4. Hi Clare, you don’t know me but I have met your parents twice this year thru my dear friends Helen and Duane Krause. I really clicked with your mom and dad, they are so cool! We have many similar interests and I hope that we will become better friends. I last saw them on Halloween when the Krauses were here in So Cal (we live in Capo Beach) They ride the train up from San Diego and then we meet them and go eat at a place they like in San Juan Cap. Duane gave me the address to your blog so I am following along…..Anyway, I just wanted to say hello to you and let you know that I am on your side and a part of the NO GROWTH movement! 🙂 I figure every bit of positive energy is a good thing even if we don’t know each other, I feel like I do know you from your mom. Take good care and I will keep you uppermost in my positive thoughts and prayers and look forward to meeting you some day, the Woman of Steel (titanium……..!!)
    sincerely, Anne Gordon

  5. PS Love the little quilt blocks out to the side of people’s comments! yes I am a quilter, one of the things I have in common with your mom! 🙂

  6. Hey Mrs.Wiley, the whole class misses you A LOT…and we REALLY need you back. I really hope the surgery goes well. HAVE POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!! ;)))……

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