Home away from home

UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center: Home Sweet Home for 7-10 days!

It’s 3:44am and I’m taking a break from bed rest to slurp down a bit of Jello. Must do this hospital thing right!

Actually, it’s true that I am not allowed to get out of the hospital bed (lovely bedside commode anyone?) because in the last images taken on Thursday it was found that my tumor-infested vertebra has fractured. I haven’t experienced any symptom changes and it’s not a huge surprise that the weakened bone fractured but until surgery on Tuesday the doctors seem to want me to be careful. I can handle that!
Sunday in the hospital is my hang out, relax, “no food restrictions”, rub my feet, feed me, entertain me day! Monday I will be transferred to the Westwood Hospital to have the pre-surgery tumor embolism and then brought back to this facility for the big show on Tuesday. We went ahead and bought one of those multi-day, park-hopper passes so I’d get a discount!

Lots of love,

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  1. Dear Clare,
    That area is very familiar to us, we lived about 8 blocks away on 20th St. in Santa Monica. When we were there the hospital was called the Santa Monica Hospital. Then of course UCLA took over. We are thinking and praying for you and we are sure you are in good hands. You have one thing on me, you have better rods, mine are metal, and I think they may have rusted by now. Take care sweet girl,
    Love, Tom and Marie

  2. Wow, Doesn’t sound like much fun but you sure make it sound like a party!!
    I think your post-op medicine (feet rubs, m&m’s, being entertained) should also be your post-op medicine times 10.
    Make sure everyone knows that you are my princess and to treat you as such.
    I will be in touch with your mom so not to bother you but if you want me to bother you, just let me know.
    Love you lots and lots, princess,
    Aunt ‘Queen’ Michele

  3. I hope they throw in one of those “breakfast with Mickey” parties with your stay! maybe David can dress up and feed you jello.
    Hopefully this is the last we’ll see of it, so bye-bye tumor!
    te lo mando con carino

  4. Clare

    We have you in our thoughts and prayers. A wonderful quote from the Poet RUMI: “Through Love All Pain Will Turn To Medicine”.

    We love you….

    Will & Lisa Wiebe

  5. “Tumor, tumor, go away, come again…NEVER!” Can we have your room info & hospital address so we know where to send the bouquet of peanut m&m’s? Lots of love to you and David!

    From Lauri, Taro & Tommy too! :0)

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