Super puff!

I must be stuffing those cheeks with MnMs!!!! Looking forward to no longer having to take a steroid (precaution used in the last two months to decrease pressure on my spinal cord)…but it will take a few weeks to taper off and for the side effects to subside. Big puffy smile for you all!

Today was a busy day of walking the halls of the orthopaedic recovery ward. Lots of blue-gown clad people hooraying the use of walkers! It is an amazing feeling to be up and moving.

12 responses

  1. Clare,
    Be tyhankful that is those cheeks that are puffed and not your other cheeks. It is great to know that you are up and walking, hang in there and you will soon be home.
    Love Marie

  2. OMG, I had a Giraffe JUST like that one when I was in the hospital for surgery as a kid. I named it “Chosen”. (that was actually the brand but I didn’t know it at the time:). Anyhow, hope it brings you lots of comfort and joy, oh tidings of comfort and joy. (I know, I AM such an excellent writer). I’m coming up for a visit next Monday. Let me know when I can see your gorgeous face!

  3. Clare,

    You look amazing. I can’t believe all you have weathered and so beautifully and with your characteristic sparkle and determination. Keep up the great work getting better.

    Laura, Ken, Susanna, and Roy Zahn

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