Out of the hospital

They kicked me out today! Out I rolled to the fresh air of a sunny, 70 degree Santa Monica “winter” day and oh what a feeling! Yes, even LA air feels refreshing compared to 10 days of hospital breath!

No wheelchair, no walker, no more 4am blood draws. Just healing.

David and I are staying with family a few miles from the medical center and mom is busy bee helping out to make sure we have everything we need & desire.

I have a post-op appointment on 12/30 and then I think it’s time we all ring in the New Year!

Tons of love,
Clare – (tumor) + (awesome new spine)

16 responses

  1. How cool is this? Who would have thought you’ve been set free so soon! Clare, you continue to amaze & astound. Now you can have Mom’s home cooking 24/7, no better way to recover! Marie, shortbread may be in order—or no pudge brownies!!! Rak na jup jup (Thai for love & kisses).

  2. Clare and “clan”—
    Amazing that you have made your escape from the hos-pitt-lll with a recovery beyond imagination from a procedure I imagined as a kind of full body root canal.

    With MIss Marie orbitting around your being , tending to your every need , you are in good hands. Having use of a family members condo sounds awesome and approaches some sort of normal enviroment compared to vinyl floored hallways and bedrooms with vision glass in the doors.

    We will continue visualizing good things, you keep up the momentum–you hear!!

  3. Congratulations and here’s to a speedy and healthy recovery! Have the best of holidays with your family and loved ones… I know those things alone always help me heal!

    I love reading your posts, keep us updated, it helps us feel like we are right there with you, as your support team of internet stalkers!

  4. Clare,
    I am so glad you are able to escape the hospital. It sounds like things are progressing so well. Bryan is coming down to visit you and Dave this weekend. He’ll be solo because I have to work Monday-Wednesday next week. 😦 We’re still sending lots of positive vibes your way. Big hugs!


  5. Hi Clare,
    You don’t know me. I’m one of Marie’s knitting buddies in San Diego. I think you’re incredible and have a fabulous attitude. I sure hope we meet each other one day at Marie’s. Hope so. Keep up the great blog.

  6. WOW! Your surgery went better then excepted, but I hope that doesn’t change your attitude too much. Anyway, I hope your healing goes great too and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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