Cute Toes

My feet are two different temperatures. The left side of my body suffered a bit of nerve damage  which in turn has caused a little bit of circulatory system “damage” causing my left foot to be nice and toasty while my right foot is somewhat of a foot-cicle. Despite their differences, all toes are painted the same shade of purple to which the massage therapist said, “You have such cute feet. They are two different temperatures but they look so nice!”

Getting a massage on my arms and legs last week afforded me a brief moment in which I felt no pain at all; I was able to forget completely that my body has been in a constant state of uber-healing for the last two months.

On February 11 (next Thursday) I start with the first of fifteen radiation treatments. I will go 15 days in a row (excluding weekends) to have my mid-section zapped. I like to think of it as “sweeping” up any leftover cells. That is, the surgeons have reported that they were able to get out the bulk of the tumor but it is likely that some sarcoma cells were left behind. The idea of using radiation therapy (and then chemotherapy) is to make a second and third attempt at ridding my body of any microscopic disease.

David and I continue to be thankful for all the help we have received from food delivery to referrals for legal help to friends coming over to do laundry and re-arrange furniture. I also love the cards in the mail and little boxes filled with surprises (Thank you!). It is truly the little things to look forward to that help me through each day. One of our friends also found a local cancer support group for us to attend. In just the one time that we have gone so far we have felt a great sense of relief and hope.

A good friend of mine tells me, “Be thankful for what you have and what you don’t have.”

lots of love,


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  1. We are happy to hear some postive thoughts. Try to keep up the spirits for the challenges to come. Mark off the calendar so you can see progress on the calendar.

    We send our love.

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