Beware: Public Service Announcement

I never, ever intended to write anything preachy on my blog, but the anger has gotten to me. Cancer is a down-home, corn-fed bitch! Do EVERYTHING humanly possible to prevent getting cancer: don’t smoke, wear sunblock, eat well, exercise, know your family history, get a good doctor and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions, get regular physical exams, etc. And when you’ve done all this and still you get dealt a crappy hand…at least your body will be ready to fight back.

Radiation treatment has been postponed another week (to start 2/18). My doctor called on Saturday to tell me they had been working on the treatment plan but they need more time; the amount of radiation my spinal cord can be exposed to before it sustains damage is their number one priority so I guess it’s good that they are taking their time to make sure they plan it right.

Thanks again for the continued well-wishes, prayers, cards, dinners, etc. I still need all of them like you just can’t imagine.

lots of love,


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  1. Hi Clare, You don’t know me, I am a friend of Helen & Duane Krause’s and have met your parents a couple of times and really connected with them…….I have been following your blog and thinking of you every day with super positive thoughts and energy. YOU ARE MY HERO!! You GO girl, You are going to beat this thing! And give your husband a kiss for me, he sounds like he deserves you! Take good care, stay strong, and being angry might just be a good thing! So happy you are “blogging” more frequently again! I would bring food to you but I am in So Cal…. i do have something special I would like to send you tho….. have asked your mom for your address…..Keep fighting the Good Fight! sincerely and with love, anne gordon

  2. Anger is a powerful emotion, use it to fight this nasty thing! Please know that Ann and I think of you and David often. Sending lots of hugs.

  3. If you ever need a pedicure buddy, sign me up! The weather will be turning nice and my toes will be exposed! 🙂 Also, now that you are in shopping mode, call me if you need a mall walking friend. I am always ready with credit card in hand! 🙂 Lots of love, Erika

  4. Clare:
    Janet K. sent me your blog, her son Jeff went to UCSD with your brother Tony. Janet thought I might have some ideas for you.

    I only know that you are appealing your denied claim but don’t know what type of insurance plan you have. Many Californian’s have managed care coverage, if so then the following may apply.

    Please know that your appeal needs to be done timely and in writing. Your insurer should spell this out (how to file an appeal/grievance) in detail for you (in the denial letter, on their website, etc.) Follow the directions without deviation. Also appeal all denials – surgeon’s bills, hospital bill, durable medical equipment, etc.

    If you receive a denial to your appeal/grievance or if the health plan does not response in 30 days THEN consider filing a complaint with the DMHC – The Dept of Managed Health Care.

    Compliant forms can be downloaded from the DMHC web site, or you can call DMHC Help Centers at 888-466-2219.

    If you read The Sac Bee, see the Sunday paper (2/14/2010) I-19. Top right corner with the title Health plan appeals must follow steps.

    Best of luck. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

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