My Mom is with me always.  She loves me so much. I love her so much.

From this…
…to this. (Aunt Julie is a damn good person, too.)

I’m doing so well these days. My latest scan was clear (“No Evidence of Disease = N.E.D.”).

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and love. Hope to have lots of good news to keep reporting to you!

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  1. Mom’s are amazing and I’m glad for you for two things. #1- NED–that is so wonderful…can you say road (bike) trip!!!! #2- I realize now what an incredible gift it is to be able to tell your mom how much they mean to you. Marie and Clare you guys are awesome!

  2. You are beautiful in and out! I misssssss you so much 🙂 can’t wait to be working together on this PLTW thing. There is no better person- xoxo

  3. Yes, Clare, you have a Mom out of the box. Of course, we all think you are one of of the box too. Exciting news to see that the scans are clear and that you can start to get back to your life as you knew it.
    Love always.

  4. Whoo Hoo, so great your latest scan is clear. You look good. Think of you and your family often. Sending lots of hugs and good wishes.

  5. FABULOUS news Clare! Keep up the healing and the rebuilding of your health, nothing can beat you now! and how wonderful to have a Mama like yours, you are both truly blessed…… and your Dad’s not half bad either! hope to meet you one day, xoox anne gordon

  6. You look amazing. I am so proud you were able to live strong and win this battle. Your mom has been blessed with a beautiful daughter, I am sure she was proud to be by your side. We miss you all and wish you the best.

  7. Hey Clare,
    Haven’t visited in a while. Hope all is going well. I think of you often and hope to see you soon. My boys are freshman at the high school now and I would love for them to have you as a teacher

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