Season of Joy

A paradise vacation for Thanksgiving. Thank you Uncle Ed & Aunt Rose.

A year ago this Wednesday, UCLA booted me out of the hospital post- surgery and sent me on my way to the most difficult year of my life. Last year by the numbers:

We still have 7 frozen embryos. I went to visit them last month. Actually, I went to visit the wonderful nurse & embryologist who made it all happen, and the freezer is still working.

For 6 weeks, David woke up every three hours to rotate me, take me to the potty, lift my legs, kiss me.

I can move all on my own now. I can even balance as well as a 50 year old on the wii fit!


For 1 month, we were fortunate to be living in a cousin’s home in Los Angeles and to have lots of visitors to help the time pass.

25 days of radiation. So many stays in the nurses office. So many IV fluids. So many medications. Amazing nurses and technicians. Mom held my arm every morning as we walked from the parking lot to the basement of the Cancer Center. It felt like it would never end.

4 rounds of chemo. 100s of loops around the 8th floor of UCD Med.

For 6 months Mom commuted between San Diego and her “mother-in-law-suite”/the floor in the back room. Lots of egg sandwiches & smoothies. Countless loads of laundry. So much love.

Can't quite touch my toes yet but I have a nice, straight back!


That’s enough for now. I have had ONE WONDERFUL fall and holiday season. I hope you have too. Lots of love as 2010 comes to a close and we welcome 2011! Woohoo!

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