Out damn spot!

My third grade teacher Ms. Sypher told wonderful, magical tales that I think about to this day. Of the many details I remember from that year is the story she told of her lifelong quest for a spherical rock that was exactly the size of a golf ball (she was and still is an avid golfer).  For the last 21 years (since I was 9 or so) I have been looking for that rock to take to her, thinking it would be the ultimate “thank you” for all that she taught me about believing in the good things in life.

My awesome Dadda. He also loves to golf but he hates the golf balls I keep growing!

I have yet to find the rock but for some unknown reason I keep growing new golf-ball shaped invaders inside my body. Yes, this time I’ve got a little something going in my left lung. Actually, it looks as though the tumor is not in the lung but rather growing from outside of the lung and pressing in on it.

The spot was found on my May MRI and we quickly started the search for a treatment plan. Though much less complicated than the last tumor this new one still poses some unique challenges. I will start two new chemotherapy drugs on July 13 and complete two cycles (total of 6 weeks, but no hospital stays this time). I will then get another set of scans to see if there are any changes to the tumor and either way I will have a surgery to remove what remains. After the surgery I will likely undergo a few more rounds of chemo.


Hopefully all of this will be done locally so I can be a little more comfortable and we can try to carry on with “normal” life a little more easily. Fortunately I have had a great recovery from last year’s treatment and my body is super strong again! I am ready to take on this challenge and am so glad that I am not currently experiencing any pain.

Again, knowing that you are praying for me, thinking good thoughts or sending good vibes means the world to me. I find strength in support from family and friends, remembering that there is so much good in life despite the battles.

And maybe I should stop swallowing golf balls.


9 responses

  1. OK…OK…OK…. Out Damn Spot!!!!

    Clare, I’ve got you in my thoughts and prayers…..

    I will ride my bike in solidarity and celebration of and with you, this coming Sunday as you ride in the LiveStrong Bike Ride in Davis, with David, Marie and Steve.

    Out Damn Spot….. Clare, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!!

    With love and care,


  2. Wow. Clare, you are one incredibly strong, positive and beautiful person. It’s been a long time, but I just stumbled across your blog and your life of the past 2 years and am left marveling at your mindset and the grace with which you’ve been fighting this battle. Sending you so much love and fighting power from Colorado!


    • Clare,

      Our thoughts are with you through this next round of treatments. Stop being so attractive to all of these golf balls.

      xoxo Dick and Marti

  3. Clare you are so incredible! Uncle Ed and I will be coming up to Sac at the end of the month! Looking forward to taking you and David to breakfast! Will call with the details hopefully we can coordinate! Can’t wait to see you both!
    Aunt Rose

  4. Clare, you are so special. Love and beaming good thoughts/prayers your way. PS I saved this year’s birthday candle for you. xoxo Mel(issa)

  5. Clare Keep up the good fight! We are all thinking of you and praying for you! Your far off cousins in Bishop, Ca. Jerry and Frances Rottner

  6. Clare!! Stop getting those things!! I have concur with Dad on this one… you ARE pretty amazing : ) I send a lot of love from my family as well… we’ll all be fighting with you from SF and SD! Looking forward to seeing you again real soon! xoxoxox

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