My brother was visiting me on September 11, 2001. He had driven up to the Sacramento area with some friends and stayed at my apartment with me and my roommate, Lisa. Early that morning he bounded into my room and woke me with a jolt, saying that mom had called and that we needed to watch the television.

Smartest, bestest brother in the world.

We watched for hours but later that day Tony was able to continue on with his plans to go with friends to some electronics surplus stores. I remember how concerned he was about the world, but he carried on and tried to have a little fun. My brother is one of my favorite people and one of my favorite things about him is how interested he is in his very unique passions. For example, I know that he could go to a Pick-n-Pull, find delight in all sorts of crazy parts, and later build an amazing contraption with fervor, creativity and precision like no other.

This is a picture David made from a recent image (CT or MRI - I forget) of my back. This is the hardware that was put into my spine almost two years ago!

So it is with this fondness towards Pick-n-Pulls that I equate my tumor-making body to (temporarily) be such a fascinating place. For my superb, passionate surgeons who “delight” in their work I offer quite the field trip into unique picking and pulling. On September 27 I will have the first of two [more] surgeries. This first one will involve the picking & pulling of the small tumor on the back of my left lung. The second surgery (likely 3-4 weeks later) will involve removal of a smaller tumor located in between the bottom and middle lobe of my right lung. The goal is two-fold: remove tumors and preserve lung function.

July 2011, pre-Livestrong bikeride, pre-chemo. We rode 40 miles together the weekend before I went back for treatment. It was amazing!

I will have both procedures done at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento and will hopefully be feeling up for visitors to come keep me company! I will let you know of visiting hours to this particular Pick-n-Pull.

Lots and lots of love & infinite thanks for your prayers, thoughts, cards and messages.

6 responses

  1. I remember making that call, and if my memory serves me right, I suggested that you get money out of the bank for emergencies. Did you and more importantly, do you have any left? šŸ™‚ I don’t!
    We will be with you for both surgeries, my wonderful daughter. You continually amaze me with your spirit and endurance. Love you!

  2. You ALL continually amaze me – one very strong and loving family and an inspiration to us all who are privy to your odyssey Clare. Thank you for updating us – and if positive and healing thoughts work as well as I think they do, know that mine/ours are constantly heading your way. Love your strength, love your beautiful spirit.

  3. Clare~ you & your family continue to be an inspiration to me! I know I am far on the outside of your circle but you have touched me and are continually in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good attitude, strength humor and Love….. and snuggle a little with that quilt! šŸ˜‰
    most sincerely, anne gordon

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