Not so funky

All morning I have been thinking about writing a post titled, “In a Funk”. Last night I broke down in tears and told David I was feeling so exhausted again, that the feeling of “giving up” was wickedly whispering to me at times when it seems like it’s too much to handle.

Yesterday I repositioned a refrigerator magnet that reads, “Life does not put things in front of you that you are unable to handle”, so that I wouldn’t have to read it with every visit to the kitchen but then I quickly swapped it into view again, rolled my eyes, and flipped off the magnet.

Feeling loved. Never going to give up!

And then I get the mail today and I have new reasons to keep my chin up. Thank you. What impeccable timing you all have!


5 responses

  1. Hey Beautiful when you get that “give it up” feeling just think of me whispering “live it up” in your ear. I send you a kiss on your “chin up” and a bear hug for wonderful David.

  2. Keep flipping off your magnet and anything else that you want too! Anger is a powerful emotion and its OK to express it! There is no other way to put other than cancer SUCKS. You are only human and it is ok to feel “in a funk”, it’s impossible to be positive and upbeat all the time. However, I do agree with Jen, the magnet is true and you are strong.
    Sending lots of hugs,
    Susan C.

  3. Hi Clare

    You are an amazing women! You give me strength each day of my life.

    I would like to share a wonderful reflection:

    Creator of Light
    enfold me
    in your light
    protect me
    guide me safely
    as I face my shadows
    gently safely
    my own authentic light

    by Sharon Lia Robinson

    Warm hugs,

    Will Wiebe

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