Santa Monica, Part II

This evening I am sitting at a Starbucks with my brother. We are a few blocks away from the UCLA Santa Monica Orthopedic Hospital where, exactly 2 years ago, I was just leaving the local body shop with puffy cheeks (from steroids) and a sore body (from a long surgery). Admittedly, a few tears passed across my cheek this afternoon as we approached the area and I took a deep breath of memories from the last two years.

Today I am feeling great, almost two months out of successful lung surgeries. I feel like a “real” person again because this holiday will be the last chunk of time before I return to teach at River City High in the middle of January! To my teacher friends: I have already populated my calendar with the truly important school dates such as Spring Break and the Last Day of School! (Yes, I am thrilled to be going back but part of the fun is looking forward to the time off!)

January is also already filling up with tests and doctor’s appointments as we continue to be proactive and monitor my body. We plan to seek out more input from the the top sarcoma cancer center in the country at MD Anderson in Houston. Realistically a tumor has a good chance of showing its ugly-ass face again, but there is a lot of power in HOPE and I continue to try to stay healthy and fit so that I can fight off anything that comes my way.

I plan to be a bit more committed to my blog in the coming days. For now I wish you all the happiest, healthiest of holidays this season and a start to 2012 filled with joy!



2 responses

  1. Those lucky kids! I am so excited for you. Happy holidays to you and David! We love and think of you so often.

    Best wishes,
    Laura, Ken, Susanna, and Roy Zahn

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