Health & Joy

A student recognized me today when I was on the River City High campus. She hugged me, we rejoiced and then I told her I didn’t remember her name. Oops. She reminded me that I had given her a pair of flip flops when hers broke one day at school and then told me her name. Irina made me feel so loved (and made me remember to bring emergency/back up items to stick away in drawer at school)!

I retrieved my lanyard yesterday with all three important school keys, tucked away in the exact location I placed it over two years ago. I suppose, technically, I should have turned in the keys but in the whirlwind of leaving school, I like to think that having them meant I would certainly return to school even if it took awhile.

January 10 will be my first MRI in awhile. It will be the first imaging study since finishing chemo this past summer and after my lung surgeries. Luckily I will be seeing the doctor on the 11th so I won’t have to wait long for results.

As for now, I am happy to be winding down after a wonderful holiday season filled with so many friends, family visits and good times. I hope you are starting 2012 in good health and joy!


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  1. Hi Ms. Wiley. Im so happy to see you are doing better. I hope you will be returning to RCHS soon. I know class wasn’t the same without you. When will you be returning, if you know yet?

    Feel free to shoot me an e-mail, it be good to hear from you.

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