Mo Money, Mo Problems

My all time favorite piece of rap.

And the health insurance “Industry” has lots of money problems.

When a single medical director at a company where I am a longtime customer can judge, based solely on reviewing my medical records and following a company procedure that a certain medical procedure or choice about my treatment is NOT NECESSARY and therefore WILL NOT BE COVERED, then there are so many mo problems than B.I.G, Diddy and Mase ever imagined.

I don’t know what they want from me

I have been kicking cancer in the ass since October 2003 and I plan to do so without the bottom line that bankrolls profit protection deciding whether or not my life is too much of a liability.

I call the shots

As I remain optimistic in my fight I urge you to find hope and strength in the idea that change can happen; while it is scary and imperfect it may be the first delicate step in a better direction.

Stay humble, stay low

As you continue to support or disagree with new ideas for healthcare in the United States, think of me and the ways you have shown me and my family support and love through my challenges.

Wave em side to side and keep your hands high

Making choices based on evidence. It's like science!

I am facing the following options and hoping to get even more from MD Anderson on May 8: more radiation treatment that has huge risks of permanent spinal cord damage/paralysis, and kidney and bowel failure; more chemotherapy that is experimental and may again do nothing to kill my tumors like the three other chemotherapy drugs I have used; and multiple surgeries.

Ten years from now I’ll still be on top

If they had been in my biomedical science class, maybe they would have written “No Tumor No Problems” instead.

2 responses

  1. Look for inspiration anywhere you can find it. Whether it is a song, work of art, someones spoken word or just a quiet moment, find what you need and hang on. Do not let the insurance companies win. Times are changing and we need to get back to doctors and patients making their health care decisions and not a for profit corporation. Please remember all of your friends and family supporting you all all of your life experiences still to come.

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