Positive HealthNet Story

HealthNet is looking for “positive” stories for an upcoming “customer spotlight video series” (see their FB page for this post). They ask that members email positive stories to this address: health.net.inc@healthnet.com
Here is the story I sent them (and if you think it might mean something perhaps you could re-send the story and tell them how you know me?):


I have a positive story. I am positive that the worst part of my life has been dealing with HealthNet.

I have cancer. I was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma in 2003. I have had 5 surgeries, 25 doses of radiation, 4 different chemotherapies and am currently participating in a clinical trial.

I am positive that the worst part of my life has been dealing with HealthNet.

I am a 31 year-old caucasian female. I was raised in a household with married parents and one older brother. I went to California public schools and continued my education through to a BS in Biology and an MA in science education at UC Davis. I am a biomedical science teacher at River City High School in West Sacramento where I am challenged and excited by a job that I love.

I am positive that the worst part of my life has been dealing with HealthNet.

My husband and I have been married for 4 years, recently purchased our first home and are enjoying the love of two, 6 month old kittens. I do not smoke (I never have). I exercise at least 5 days a week including resistance training and aerobic activities such as swimming and walking. I eat a high fiber, low saturated fat diet rich in greens and omega-3s. I do not have STDs, diabetes, high blood pressure nor am I obese. I always wear my seat belt and have a fulfilling spiritual life guided by prayer, meditation and yoga. I enjoy sewing and doing paper crafts, and have loving family and friend relationships. When life has been most trying I have had the great fortune of working with excellent counselors. When I drink alcohol on a rare occasion I drink red wine. I wear sunblock everyday. My husband and I have 7 frozen embryos and hope to someday have children (HealthNet did not assist in preserving my fertility before undergoing chemotherapy).

I am positive that the worst part of my life has been dealing with HealthNet.

I have never in my life been without health insurance. HealthNet has been my insurance carrier (through my employer) since 2008. I had an HMO and currently have a PPO. HealthNet is there for me in the stacks of paper that I have collected on my office floor. HealthNet is there for me when they found out I won a malpractice lawsuit in early 2012, immediately wanting to know if a cut of it is rightfully theirs.

I am positive that the worst part of my life has been dealing with HealthNet.
And I speak English. And I am scientifically literate. And I was born into the middle class. And I have time to make phone calls, fax documents and write appeals. With all these things on my side I know that there are others out there who are used, abused and underinsured by HealthNet in ways worse than I can even imagine.

I hope that you consider this “positive” story for your customer spotlight video series. If not please humor me with a positive response, as I have already written letters to your CEO Jay Gellert and spoken on the phone to numerous supervisors, leads, directors and one vice president all to no avail (as of last week the most recent mail communication is that although my oncologist is requesting CT scans HealthNet has decided that they are not necessary and therefore are not authorized).

Thank you for your time and consideration. When I receive my paycheck this month and note the over-$500.00 deduction for my HealthNet PPO I will assume it is money well spent.”

2 responses

  1. MRS WILEY!!! I miss you so much! I hope mine and khadija’s letter made you laugh super hard and cheered you up! I’m so happy for you in terms of the pregnancy. You’re gonna be a mommy! Awww…. Lol, please please please email me or call me (My phone number was on the card that we sent you)! I want to hear from you, miss you! Hopefully I’ll see you at graduation!
    Love you always,

  2. hey miss wileeeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 read our card cuse its awsome and u better call me or i will track u down! :p i love u lOTS AND GET WELL SOON… oh and say hi to khadija sufia wiley for me:) oh and EAT POMAGRANATES!!!!!!!!!!! love khadija(who is better than sufia)

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