January 2013

It’s been a long road since August 2012 when I last blogged but I am thrilled to have made my way up and over. Today I am relaxed after finishing the first week of a new term at school (all new students) and excited to have had such a great week!

David and I are still madly in love with our house (and each other for that matter). I am thankful everyday that I have such a safe, warm place to come home to and that so many of our friends and family have been able to share some time with us here. I look forward to more gatherings, dinners, and functions of all sorts!

I am also absolutely thrilled to have finally figured out how to use marijuana to “make chemo my bitch” as some might say. That is, with the use of the wonderful weed I have been able to stop taking all other medications during my treatment and maintain a healthy weight, never once thrown up, make food for myself and even “enjoy” lounging, watching TV and having company while I am recovering. It’s still far from fun but it is at least tolerable. I had a little talking-to with my oncologist and made it known that it seems contrary to the Hypocratic oath to withhold such a fantastic drug to patients in need. I got a prescription so that I no longer have to do dark, parking lot deals even though he claimed he could lose his license. I’m worth it. šŸ™‚

I have had 10 rounds of the chemotherapy Dacarbazine (DTIC) since July and have switched from Stanford back to UC Davis so that we don’t have to make the major commute. I get the drug once every 3 weeks and take Thursday and Friday off of work; by Monday I am tired still but back on my feet and ready to teach again. Unfortunately DTIC is also know to be a carcinogen (yes, weird, and all the more reason I teach biology so that someday a new attack can be made on cancer that isn’t so poisonous) but at this point the benefits of being on it still appear to outweigh the risks. I have another CT scan this Tuesday; for the last 6 months my tumors have either shrunken a teeny tiny bit or stayed stable – excellent!

I hope you are having a wonderful January! With lots of love, Clare

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