My Journey, cont.

On Saturday morning David and I went for a walk around the big block (about 2 miles). We call this the “Farmer’s Walk” because it goes along Farmer’s Central Road in Woodland. We do this walk a lot.

It is starting to heat up here in Woodland and by the time we got out for our walk at 10am I could really feel the heat. I almost always take water with me on walks but for some reason I did not grab a bottle on the way out. Half way through the walk I stopped to sit under a tree and I collapsed to the ground. I did not pass out but I burst into tears and my body melted into the heat. David decided to run back home to get the car but I knew I needed water in the meantime.

Two people walking towards us had water bottles so David asked if we could use some. They ended up sitting with me and keeping me cool and keeping me company until David could return with the car. Among various topics of conversation I told my water buddies that, “I have been fighting this disease for 10 years. I feel good right now; this is stable for me”.

So, this is “stable”. I am on a new oral chemotherapy now that I take once a day. I can only tolerate half the recommended dosage but may try to increase it if my next set of scans show any growth. Stable is fantastic, though.

I have been writing a lot and look forward to writing more on my blog. With lots of love, Clare

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