Spirit Week

It’s Spirit Week at River City High. Since I can’t be there I thought I’d give a little shout out to Marlaina Schroeder who has more school spirit than all of us combined. I’m missing my school family but I’m feeling so well rested and my mind and body are feeling so good.

The video below (maybe a tad long if you don’t know the kids; turn the sound ON) is something I made for my Spring 2012 Class. They were the first students I taught upon return after two years of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Returning to teach was a huge goal for me and we had such a memorable semester together. These three semesters in 2012 and 2013 teaching Biomedical Science have been a dream.

Nerd Day during spirit week 2012

Nerd Day during spirit week 2012


Twin Day during Spirit Week 2012

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  1. Your kids are amazing JUST LIKE their teacher! I wish I was in your class in High school, Clare! Love you lots! Who did the video? It’s fantastic! 🙂

    • Thanks, Lauri! Each and everyone of them is amazing! We took photos as much as I could remember to give my camera to students and then at the end of the semester I took the pictures and the videos they had made for an assignment and made the video. It was so much fun to match it to the music they had been listening to all semester, too! Thanks for the love and thoughts. We love you guys too. XOXO

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