A video that was posted on Livestrong’s FaceBook page yesterday.

What a wonderful, sad, powerful blessing. I have been struggling to find a way to share how it feels to be so free while living with this disease. Today I am able to use chemotherapy, knowing that it will most likely keep my tumors from growing for 6-12 months instead of actually getting rid of them. If this chemo stops working then I have to look for something else to keep them at bay.

Quality of life is so important at this point. I have been given the option of more radiation, more surgery, more of this and that. Today I know that I am choosing to preserve some quality of life over taking every possible step to get the cancer out of my body – choosing to enjoy life as much as possible with the demons in my back pocket. I wish I could get rid of it all (and I never do give up hope on what the future may hold) but dying to get cancer out is dying nevertheless. I know I am one of the lucky ones to even have this time.

Thank you, Zach, for living a lovely life. You will never be forgotten, even by those you never met.


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