Pedialyte is gross

After a long stretch of feeling strong and healthy, last week tripped me up a bit. With my own doctor’s appointment on Monday a success and the great success of another Baby Wiley doctor’s visit on Tuesday I got all upside down and inside out after I had to get an ambulance to the ER early Wednesday morning. My body and my mind were shutting down but after a few restful and rejuvenating days with David I started to feel whole again.

Until this morning.

photo-10Looking at the glass full of watered down orange Pedialyte now reminds me why it was so hard to drink any of it this morning – it looks like urine from a really dehydrated person. Gross. But I felt pretty gross this morning and slept until 2 when my body finally had enough oomph to get up and stay up.

I have good days and I have great days. Today started out as a good day and hopefully will be a restart towards more great days. I’ve found a few other women online whose voices resonate with me a lot.

Project Pink Diary

Life, Interrupted

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    • Hey lady! You are worth fighting for, too. Write me anytime!!! I won’t be on campus this school year to save you from Khadija but I’ll make sure she gets you into plenty of trouble somehow! xoxo Mrs. Wiley

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