Baby Wiley is a…

Five minutes ago I’m making my daily smoothie, listening to Magna Carta Holy Grail, talking to Ivy Khan and I realize something I would love to have happen but I need everyone’s help: at 1pm on Friday, July 26th David, Sharon Vigil, Lonnie and I will find out the sex of Baby Wiley. At 7pm that night I am taking 5 of the neatest people in my life to party in the same airspace as Jay Z and Justin Timberlake. Do you think you can help me get J & J to announce to the world the sex of the baby and his/her name (hint: the name is spelled differently but is the same whether it is a boy or a girl…if he/she ever feels like they identify more with the opposite sex at least the name thing may be a little easier)? I KNOW WE CAN (because J & J may not be perfect men but I know they are compassionate humans)! You have helped me and David through hell and back so I think we can get this done! Please share, blog, retweet, etc. And if it doesn’t actually happen I am thrilled that at least I tried!

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