Happy Birthday, Mom!

My Mom was born on August 5. She was the first girl for my Grandma & Grandpa after two boys (7 other kids came later). My Uncle Ed recently told me and David that, if you wanted to have fun, Marie was the sister who was always up for a good time (except when you lost the draw and had to wake her up on a school morning apparently)!

She has always been proud of her parents, siblings, extended family, and friends. As a kid she loved going to church so she could study the seams and designs of all the outfits people wore (and apparently Grandpa made the best egg sandwiches on Sundays). She made me a perfect egg sandwich every single morning for 5 weeks when she took me to my radiation appointments in 2010 – it was the only thing I could eat and will always be my the most nurturing food to me.

My Mom celebrates life everyday. She is thrilled to be able to ride her bicycle with the boys and sew with the neighbor kids.  She collects friends everywhere she goes from spin classes to Southwest flights between San Diego and Sacramento. She keeps vodka and limoncello in the freezer, and fresh, homemade biscotti in the pantry. She can rock any baby to sleep and tailgate with 30 somethings at summer concerts. She gets in for free at Rich’s on University Ave. and makes new curtains for her kitchen every season.

Happy Birthday, Mama! My stories about you could go on and on and they will forever! Thank you for being so lovely; you are so loved! (And Happy Day to you, too, Grandma!)

A few photos from October 2012:ImageImageImageImage

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    • How are you mama? I’ve been thinking about you a lot and hoping that your girls and Lucio are taking good care of you and their new girl. Prayers for a smooth, healthy third delivery! xoxo Clare

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