Back to School

It’s 10pm and I have the night-before-the-first day of school jitters! Even though tomorrow is the first day back with teachers only, the firsts of a new school year always make my tummy grumble (ever since my older brother started Kindergarten as a 5 year old, around the same time I stopped having night terrors, could sleep through the night without screaming).

So tonight (after making an emergency visit to my dentist/sister at 12pm to have a molar ground down before other problems ensued) I spent the evening with my husband and our good friend, Pru; 3 sips of David’s red wine (a Pinotage from South Africa that Pru opened for David) and a few inhales of vapors from organic, home grown greens (note: I DO NOT SMOKE, I USE A VAPORIZER b/c I already have tumors in my lungs)…I am now calmed down, sitting in bed, eating 2 pieces of Steve’s Pizza. All I can think about is how much I want to be with my family at RCHS tomorrow morning.

So, hello, WUSD and RCHS!!! You can’t see me but I am still here!!! Check out my blog anytime & let our kids know that I love them and I’m here for them online ANYTIME!


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