Monday Mantra

This morning I woke up well rested. I checked my email on my phone and found a fantastic note from my fantastic brother, Tony.

Racing in Tony's living room.

Racing in Tony’s living room.

In San Diego a month ago I spent a few choice hours with my Mom and Aunt Julie together. (If you know these two saucy cats and their Mom, my Grandma Marguerite Mary Martinet, you know you are a fortunate one).  Aunt Julie announced a new life trend, as she often does without warning or pause, that she was no longer keeping “To-do” lists but rather “What I accomplished today” lists. Fascinating! this. (Aunt Julie is a damn good person, too.)

Throwback to Fall/Winter 2010. All smiles after my first year of radiation and chemotherapy.

Here are a few things I have accomplished in my life:

30 years ago this month I started having night terrors. I was 2. My mom, dad and brother are probably still recovering from sleep deprivation related to those long nights.

20 years ago this month I met Ivy Khan. I was 12. My mom, dad and brother are still enduring/enjoying/part of our fantastic sisterhood-friendship.

10 years ago this month I saw LeioMyoSarcoma (LMS) inside my body for the first time. My mom, dad and brother remember when we met this beast.

5 years ago last month I married David Wiley. My mom, dad and brother are still thankful that “tall doctor” and “longdaysnight” found each other on (we realized within 2 email exchanges that we currently worked on the same floor of the same building at the same time at UC Davis).

1 minute ago I edited this post and took the numerals off of each line so that the “list” appears less list-like.

What is 1 thing or 5 things you have accomplished?

Please share! xoxo Clare

The "natural blondes" at Salon Blonde in Davis. More about these fab gals later.

The “natural blondes” at Salon Blonde in Davis. More about these fab gals later.

2 responses

  1. Love the what I have accomplished list, it is so liberating. Remind me to tell you about when I went blond. Would love to get together with you. The Dixon teahouse is so expensive for what you get. I propose mom and I bring some goodies to you, you supply the tea and the rest of the goodies and we will come to you. I know she would like to see what you are knitting and your quilting projects. BTW my “signature month” is October. Love, Reggie


    • LindeLane takes good care of its family and friends…no price too much to pay for tea with you and Mom. They do have to stay in business after all and I think you will be so impressed and delighted. Don’t you worry about the charge. Tea sometime next week?

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