Out Damn Spots…again!


This is my, “going back to another appt w/ the awesome lung surgeon at UCD cancer center” outfit and look. Appt. at 2:30. Hopefully he will just wave his magic wand & my lung tumors will disappear but in the off chance that doesn’t happen I’m prepared to F.U.T.C. (fuck up that cancer).

Dr. Cooke took out two tumors in 2011 no prob. So we’ll work out some kind of deal today…I hope. I just want to go back to dreaming about my little baby boy…

To hear my inspirational song & how I know I can F.U.T.C. listen to JAY Z’s “F.U.T.W”. He’s just trying to channel his energy into making something good out of the pile of poop he got in his life, too. (Also, Happy Birthday today to Beyonce. David reminded me this morning that he was glad he was married to me and not Beyonce. Cause he had the choice ya know.)

And yes, I am still working on those videos ya’ll sent to me. Just got a few other things going on.


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