You know, there are a couple ways to get defined ab muscles; crying a river of pain uses those muscles like you can’t imagine. That ever-desirable “six-pack” has become inevitable as I celebrate my 10 year anniversary of seeing a tumor inside my body.

It never, ever gets easy to sit with a surgeon, lovely, kind, educated as he may be, and discuss the three pronged surgery plan (that is, two major surgeries and one much easier).

In any case my tear ducts are flowing and my body is sore from staying active despite the internal conflict. David and I are marching on, collecting data like good scientists; with our friends, family, and family at UCD cancer center we know we are in good hands – the best hands.

But it’s still damn hard. AND I’m on my period. AND we are six months pregnant. SHEESH!!!!!!


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    • You bet, Sufia. Surgeries are not anytime too soon. Very much in the data collection phase (and testing multiple hypotheses). Always doing science, my sweet! You take care of your beautiful self, too…and that Khadijah chick 🙂 love you all tons!

  1. Clare- I am sending you love and angels to ease the transition into this new plan…. I see your sweet baby boy cheering you on – he can’t wait to meet his brave and beautiful Mom!! 💜

    • Ann!!!, my angle Ann. I feel lighter knowing you are watching over us and I get to see and feel Sidney moving and shaking soon! Surgery for me is still a ways off. Will be in touch soon. Can you mark 10/20 from 1-4pm off on your calendar and get as many of the NCFMC folks as possible to join us to celebrate Baby Sidney and his village! More details in an invite soon!! Love you!

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