Monday Night Football

There are a lot of things in my life that I could be angry about (and I do my share of cryin’ & ‘discussin’) but the only thing that seems worthy to me of being enraged and outspoken and fierce to the whole world is the fact that Monday Night Football and yesterday’s pro “game” was/is somehow more newsworthy than the fact that a single, pro, beautiful, strong, elegant, buff, feminine human being won her 5th US Open title in a country that not long ago considered her less than a whole Human being!


Yes! I am woman hear me roar!
Try me! I can cry and scream even louder!

And I can also come to the net and put away almost anything you hit at me!!! Serena has always been one of my idols.


4 responses

  1. Im with u Ms. Wiley! Tennis all the way lol…u should’ve seen how many ppl I pretty much had to kick out of the restaurant cuz they were just sitting there forever after finishing eating, just watching the game…I need room for other customers lol, get out! Hope ur doing amazing!

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