Puh Zop Uh Nib

This chemotherapy (known as Votrient or Pazopanib) was NO BUENO for my thirty two year old body.

Within three weeks of starting a half dose of the daily oral prescription in April (I never could tolerate a full dose) I was hypertensive, my liver was being destroyed to the point that it looked like I had been an alcoholic for 30 years, and all the hair on my body turned white. And I felt a little weird.

Pazopanib seems to work best as an aging agent. I used it for 4.5 months. My tumors were not shrinking and I was not ready to take another dozen prescriptions to counterbalance a drug that was never found to “actually” get rid of leiomyosarcoma for good.

I stopped this chemo and 99% of all other medications 6 weeks ago. For the first time in a decade I am drug free and getting healthy.

Confession: I do use caffeine here and there. And the red wine alcohol thing is tasty. Oh and that crazy weed which pharmaceutical companies just can’t figure out how to dose and dispense; when you spend a year studying marijuana as a scientist it turns out to be extremely inexpensive and great for aches & pains associated with cancer and playing tennis!) 🙂

xoxoxo thanks for all your prayers, love, thoughts, support


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