Operation Tumor EXTINCTION!!!

Here’s the plan:

i. Have San Diego baby shower, celebrate 33rd birthday, take a chill pill.

1. Get the tumors out of my right lung (and unfortunately take half of my right lung with it). This relatively simple surgery will happen on Monday, October 14 with the fantastic Dr. Cooke at UC Davis who did my lung surgeries in 2011. I should be out of the hospital in 3-5 days.

2. Rest, recover, have another baby shower/party, celebrate holidays, welcome Baby Sidney (as of this morning he is now scheduled to be c-sectioned out on 12/6)!

3. Enjoy first few months of parenthood.

4. Get on clinical trial at Stanford in April or May. This trial is it. It is the thing we have been waiting for for a decade. I hesitate to say it but it is the closest thing to a “c – u – r – e” that leiomyosarcoma has ever seen. It is not chemo, it is not radiation, it is…see this link… basically this therapy harnesses the knowledge we have of the human genome, the proteins that are encoded by our genes, and our innate, inherent immune system.

Surgery is still nerve-racking. I am nervous and scared but we are ready for this and know we have lots of help when we need it.


xoxoxo Clare, David, Oscar & Omar (meow) and Baby Boy Wiley

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