Grandma MMM

Marguerite Mary Martinet met Sharon and Baby Sidney-belly on Saturday morning, the fifth of October. Grandma saw Sharon’s pregnant belly and listened to our voices as we told her of our amazing journey as gestational mom and biological mom. 

I knew Grandma would leave quite a story for me to tell Sid, her second great grandson.  

And now she is resting in peace, perhaps listening to our stories and forever weaving in and out of them with fantastic shoes, a beautiful up-do, lovely outfits and ages of wisdom. She never stopped. 

I love you, Grandma. 


2 responses

  1. Hi there, thx so much for the phone call last night, cherie….sounds as if it was the right time for Gramma Marguerite to bid au devoir…so glad you got to see her…and visa versa….hugs to your mom specially. We’ll call them today. XO to all 3!!! of you! Peg and Lar


  2. Life is an eternal gift…that truly never leaves…once it touches another life…with love!

    I hold mom’s legacy as a gift of “unconditional love.” I’m honored and gifted to have been held in love by this amazing woman, this life giving “Being” for 47 years!

    I love you mom! Your son… Will Wiebe

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