“Cooke”ie Monster/Lung Surgeon

DR. COOKE is doing my surgery first thing Monday morning, 10/14. I check in at 5:30 am to UC Davis Medical Center and surgery should start at 7:30; it will last 3-3.5 hours including prep and “clean-up” (I wonder if they sing a kindergarten-inspired clean up song to keep them focused?!?!)

THE fancy shmancy surgery title is: Flexible Bronchoscopy, Right, Thoracotomy, Lobectomy, Wedge.

THE real world surgery title is: stick some tubes and cameras and scissors into my right lung area, cut out my tumors and the lower lobe of my right lung.

(Humans have 5 lung lobes & since I have healthy lungs I “shouldn’t even notice” that one lobe is gone!)

YOWZA. Am spending this weekend at home with my sweetie, our cats, and a few friends to keep us good company.

xoxoxo Thank you for all your love and prayers. I can’t wait to get this done so I can wake up and continue the road to motherhood. xoxoxo



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