A very Wiley Wednesday

I had a good morning and especially enjoyed a visit from a Woodland friend who brought good Mexican food, but my afternoon was a bit rough. My nurses, doctors, family and visitors have kept my vitals going and my spirits high even through some tough pain and tears.

I am looking forward to this evening with my Mom at my bedside (and an obligatory viewing of Magic Mike). David and my Dad are headed home (David was able to work all day, which is excellent). He sure is something else, that sweetie of mine. And my Dad was a rock star hanging out two days in a row at the hospital. Mom did kitchen magic all day yesterday so that there is plenty of soup and frozen cookie dough for awhile.

If things keep progressing like they have been I hope to go home tomorrow night or Friday morning. Visitors are welcome, as I look forward to taking people on a walk “around the block”. The more I walk to sooner I get the heck outta here!

xoxoxo Clare


2 responses

  1. Clare

    Thank you for sending a “A Very Wiley Wednesday” up-date! What an amazing group of family you have…. So glad to hear that if things continue to progress, you will get an “Out of Jail” card 🙂

    Love the photo!

    You are constantly in my prayers…. with love and care!

    Be well


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