Saturday morning

Lung surgery takes a lot of healing. The reason I have been in the hospital all week is so that my lungs can be closely monitored. Everything has progressed very well but boy has it been frustrating to know that time & patience are the only thing between me and being at home.

In a couple hours the doctors will clamp off my chest tube and see how I fare for a bit. They will then either take out the tube or give me a portable device so that I can at last go home, but return to get the tube out next week.

If you ever want to experience a snake living in your chest I recommend a chest tube.

Respiratory therapist is here…


3 responses

  1. Hi Clare
    So glad to hear that everything is progressing well and yes…. I’m sure you can’t wait to be in the comfort of your home! LOL… not sure if I will ever be ready for snake in my chest….

    With care and love


  2. HI, guys, we’re hoping that you’re on your way home. We won’t be making it up your way(as scheduled..albeit awhile ago)…because Lar was in a bike/car accident…24 hrs. at Highland Hospital’s trauma emergency…AND…he’s okay…just major bruises…and a very lucky ending..he’s on crutches…and will call you both soon today. Much love, Nurse Ratchett


  3. Hi Clare! I hope you are doing well and back home! If you are up for visitors I’d love to swing by sometime soon. Thinking of you 🙂 Jen

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