42 Days, 8.5 Inches

I am officially starting to feel like myself again: I am organizing, cleaning, and getting tired of Cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model.

AND we are a mere 42 days away from the scheduled c-section for the greatly anticipated arrival of Sid-Knee-Why-Lee!

HERE’S my 8.5″ scar:


IT doesn’t hurt as much as it looks like it might. The worst of it is hopefully behind me; five days tethered in the hospital by a chest tube, a Foley catheter, ECG cables and an IV was quite annoying (especially when you are constantly encouraged to get up and walk around because it’s the only real way to keep from getting pneumonia). I have had an exceptional week of healing at home the last five days with the help of many kind friends & family members, and my champion husband.

ON Monday, 10/14 my surgeon took out a large tumor in my right lung & a few other suspicious nodes. All tumors were positive for leiomyosarcoma, so at least we are still dealing with just one beast. Though my margins are “clear” there are still some spots in other parts of my body that we will wrangle in the near future.

THANK YOU for all your prayers, support, food, cards, baby shower love, gifts and so on. It takes a village to raise a babe and a whole community just the same to keep us all going through many moments of life.

xoxoxo Clare

6 responses

  1. I’ve been following your blog and I’m praying for you. I met you and your husband one morning while getting a latte at Starbucks. You noticed my cool hair (yep, I too have cancer) and extended a warm greeting. I’m excited for the arrival of your little one and praying for complete healing for you.

  2. Hi Clare

    Thank you for your update and pic! So glad to hear you had a wonderful week of healing at home and to be surrounded with all that love and positive energy!!! Unconditional Love!

    With love and care


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