Last weekend we celebrated Grandma in San Diego. It was wonderful, sad, fun, funny, emotional.

This week I get caught up on doctor appointments. Big babe Sidney is growing and kickin and moving like a champ. On my end it’s been almost five weeks since my lung surgery & each day I feel a little better. I am still tired and sore but kickin and moving, trying to be a champ (David is my champ, keeping me from falling apart each night).

I’m typing this post from the UCD Cancer Center. Today I am getting my port catheter flushed (a simple procedure that has to be done every five weeks). This place is great but it is TOO BUSY! Lots of people alive & looking pretty good but it still sucks to see a crowded cancer center.

(The view from the chair/bench in the infusion room waiting area).

Thanks always for your thoughts, prayers, love.
XOXO Clare

2 responses

  1. Hi Clare…..

    Yes… an amazing celebration of Grandma/Mom! And what an amazing Clare Wiley persona you are! Can’t wait to see Baby Sidney in all his glory!

    Love and hugs


    • Xoxo thanks Will! Right back at ya! It was pretty nice sitting with you at her service. Sorry for my snickers off and on. It was a lot to handle! I’ll be in touch with you & Andrea soon!
      Love, Clare

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