Prayers, ya’ll

Please spare a prayer or send some positive vibes out like you have so often done to help me on this rugged journey.

I am at UCDMC hospital prepping for an emergency surgery tomorrow morning. Today’s routine CT scan showed another collapsed vertebra, likely caused by a sneaky tumor (and likely the cause of the pain I haven’t been able to control in the last two months).

As a mom I now understand 1000% that I’d prefer this pain and trouble to be mine and not Sid’s. But I’m only human, and I’m my mom & dad’s baby girl, so I’ll always need hugs and snuggles. And damnit I’d take a little break once in awhile too!

Sid is sleeping soundly with his papa. And I’ll get to see him soon.




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    • Our thoughts and prayers head your way Clare. With the relief of the pain in your back, you will be able to get back to your darling Sidney and your wonderful husband. We were all so sorry to read of this latest news – know that we are sending every positive thought we can your way. Love you.

  1. Oy Vey! Sheesh and any other exclaimation. Ditto to what Kip said. Bag of beans got handed to you and you are like a lioness. Rawr! Showing it who is boss. Hope you have some good pain killers in case that made you chuckle. If I could say the “F” word out loud right now I would but, apparently I have to be a good role model for these three little kiddos I’ve got, so I’ll abstain. Maybe you and I can shout it out together over cookies at your mom and dad’s. I love you. Livestrong. Or as autocorrect says, “Live strong”. Or as I say, “kick it’s ass, Seabass”.

  2. Claire, you and your family are in our prayers. With all of your family and friend’s support, you will nail this one too. You are one brave little mom. You will be back with your little one before you know it.

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