Today Ivy kept me company through another new day. She kept me well fed & hydrated and got some smiles and laughter out of me. We watched Frozen and reminisced about Disney princesses of our childhood. Now my dear Ivy is sorting through Sid’s wardrobe, as we have a bubbly chunkster of a little man growing like a weed.

I had visits from a counselor and a most wonderful nurse today who will be working with me at home. The amount of work the RN was able to do while sitting on the couch with me for an hour equated to a week’s worth of phone calls, insurance dealings, driving or getting a driver, parking fees, hold music…you get it.

My future is still as unknown as yours and as hospice helps me to truly get my pain under control I am able to enjoy moments of peace and comfort, learning that this moment in time is yet a transition to a new part of life.

It helps me to write, to not be alone with these words. Thank you for sharing in my life as much as you do and in many different ways. I’m hanging in there with you & I know you are with me too.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and journey Clare. You, David and Sidney are in my thoughts and prayers daily. With all my love.

  2. Clare, David & Sidney
    I am so blessed to know the 3 of you!!! Each of you are in the deepest part of my heart.
    Beautiful reflection from an amazing woman!
    With love and care


  3. The picture of you and your baby boy is exquisite…..your words profound. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of sharing in this moment. Sending love and healing thoughts and prayers.

  4. I love your new baby and all of the pics of your beautiful family. I wish that I had a blaster for all of those troublesome tumors. May you enjoy every minute you have with your boys. Much love to all of you.

  5. Sending you all hugs. Thank you for sharing your journey. It is a privilege to be a part of your lives and to witness all the love and caring.
    Susan C.

  6. Beautiful photo. Thank you for visiting my class. I was moved to joy and tears to have you come back and share specific memories. I am sure that there are many students who have great memories of you teaching them. Stay strong! Much love.

  7. I want to reach into that picture and cover that baby with kisses! SO YUMMY!

    Thank you for sharing your journey with myself and all of the people who love and care about you. I don’t pray in the conventional sense, but I think of you all the time and hope for your comfort. XO!

    Mai Weston

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