Until we meet again…

This is Clare’s friend Jamima posting for her family. It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Clare as she lost her battle with cancer on August 1st. We are all heartbroken but are relieved she is no longer in pain. The Wiley and Long family are so thankful to everyone who contributed to the Wiley fund as it truly helped Clare be as comfortable as she could be during her final months.

Many have asked how else they can help at this point, including giving flowers.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you continue to donate to the Wiley fund as future donations will go towards a college fund for Sidney. Or if you would prefer, you may donate to the group Fertile Hope which made the blessing of Sidney’s birth possible.

Clare with her brother Tony and her baby boy Sidney.

Lastly, I wanted to share this touching post from her brother Tony about her final moments…

Today at 8:20 am, at home, surrounded by her family, her baby, and cats, Clare passed into peace, calm, and relief. We were all with her at the end, surrounding her bed, holding her and comforting her. In her very last moment, she opened her eyes, looked into Sidney’s eyes, and he looked into hers.

For the last 11 years Clare has fought the ultimate battle, and she has been supported by a remarkable group of family, friends, and caretakers. Within all of us she inspired a fortitude, drive, and strength of character that we admire and struggle to comprehend.

Even to the very end, she was a task driven achiever. She made sure everyone who needed to be here was here with her, and told us goodbye, apologized to us, sometimes intelligibly, sometimes not. When Aunt Julie walked into the room late last night, in the midst of her final struggle, as clear as day she said, “Hi Aunt Julie.” And later in the night during prayer she said, “Hail Mary, get me the fu$k out of this pain.”

Clare will be missed, but she lives on in all of us, and materially so in her son Sidney. Marie and Steve truly deserve awards for parents of the year. I really can’t begin to explain the depth of care they provided, the love and compassion – it is unfathomable.

– Tony Long

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