Woman. Sister. Daughter. Teacher. Tennis player. Player. Tumor-maker and breaker. Cat-mom and human-mom.

With my husband, family, and friends I do things that make me feel good! I feel best when helping others embrace their innate scientific literacy so that they may advocate healthy and happy living.  I try to keep things real in the public school classroom, entertaining students with my nerdiness and my uncensored love affair with sxxxience!

(I am on medical leave from River City High School for 2013-14; healing and gearing up to be better than ever)!

Science Camp

Mrs. Wiley goes to science camp in August 2009.

5 responses

  1. I want to be one of your students!! I will be one that will need extra for sure. Or perhaps I can teach your classes in your absence. That would be pretty chancy though and I wonder now just how confused they would end up being for the rest of their lives.

  2. Mrs wiley / ME are the coolest ……………………………………………………………..much better anyways miss get well soon i know i probably should say Mrs but that sound wierd somehow. And im kinda used to saying miss i dont know why probably my teachers from london were single. LOL(laughing out load) get well soon =) <('0'<)

  3. Hi, Clare and David:
    So glad you guys are this far along in Clare’s recovery.
    No, cancer is not fun nor easy.
    And, only ones who have been there can truly
    understand your situation.

    My husband, Sam, is 3 years out from being diagnosed with lymphoma. So, he underwent aggressive chemo for over 2 years. He is still on rituxsan to keep the
    possible lymphoma at bay. But, he was tough, and
    determined, and is relatively strong (age 78) and can
    continue to work (which he did throughout the chemo)
    (he’s a voice talent) and works in the big yard we have.
    His recovery has been amazing. And, we hope for him to have many years of productive life even yet.

    This long story is to give you hope and reassurance that you will get better and be productive again.
    Our prayers are with you and David.

    Love, Velma Bogart, 9 Twin Lakes Court, Dalworthington Gardens, Tx 76016, 817- 467-0158,

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