The Final Countdown

Today was the final ultrasound look into Sharon’s wonderful womb. “Little” Sidney David is an active guy, ready to join the outside world but apparently enjoying the last few days of tropical weather indoors.

Sutter Davis Birthing Center, here we come…this Friday morning!

Tuesday's final OB appointment. Meet you on the outside this Friday!

Tuesday’s final OB appointment. Meet you on the outside this Friday at 9am!

XOXO Clare & the Wiley Boys


Last weekend we celebrated Grandma in San Diego. It was wonderful, sad, fun, funny, emotional.

This week I get caught up on doctor appointments. Big babe Sidney is growing and kickin and moving like a champ. On my end it’s been almost five weeks since my lung surgery & each day I feel a little better. I am still tired and sore but kickin and moving, trying to be a champ (David is my champ, keeping me from falling apart each night).

I’m typing this post from the UCD Cancer Center. Today I am getting my port catheter flushed (a simple procedure that has to be done every five weeks). This place is great but it is TOO BUSY! Lots of people alive & looking pretty good but it still sucks to see a crowded cancer center.

(The view from the chair/bench in the infusion room waiting area).

Thanks always for your thoughts, prayers, love.
XOXO Clare


snapped this photo in the bathroom at Bread & Cie in 8/2013 in hillcrest, San Diego when mom and i stopped for breakfast and a potty break; “once a thief always a thief”; when I took the photo I didn’t know what the phrase translated to in English but i loved the sound of it … Continue reading


This is the first sleepless night I have had in weeks. Even at the hospital last week I slept for 3-4 hour chunks all through the night & I have slept well since I came home last Saturday.


Even Knitty the Nkat is probably sleeping right now! 

So, yes, I am frustrated and darn right mad at “PAIN MEDICATION” because it is due to exactly one-half of one Percocet taken 2 hours ago that I am still awake. I understand pain meds are meant to do a certain job but it is time to recognize that narcotics – prescribed or otherwise – are NOT A GOOD ANSWER TO PAIN!!!



Yup! If you pick a fight with me, Mr. Percocet, I will WIN!!!!!!

PS If you are in chronic pain I urge you to get good help, not just Rx/doctor/meds/drugs help. There is so much more out there that is affordable, accessible, non-habit forming, and kinder to mind and body.

xoxoxo Clare