Day 10

I’m at a bit of a loss for words perhaps because of: 1) tiredness; 2) being in love with Sidney; and/or 3) something to do with sleepiness.

David and I agree that “Sid tired” is different from “cancer tired”. It’s a way better kind of tired.

And so far we are all relatively well fed, cleaned and…well that feels like success for the first 10 days!!!



3 responses

  1. Didn’t anybody ever tell you about the ongoing and continuous fatigue that goes along with having a baby………..but it’s worth it……

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  2. Dear Clare and David,

    Yes, I can quite understand “Sidney tiredness”, but all for a very good cause, as long as you’re getting the rest you need. I hope that you can make this a priority, while enjoying every minute!

    Good luck!

    Love your photos, and you both (all) look so happy!

    take care, and love,

    Aunt Sandra

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